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Stairs are your friend

Walking up and down stairs is a great, healthy exercise that has a lot of positive impact on your body and your life. When you get to work in the morning, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you have a few extra minutes to spare at home, walk up and down the stairs a few times. You can find stairs  anywhere – use them to your advantage, and you’ll start to lose weight, feel healthy and get a new perspective on life.

Stairs for Fitness

Fun Tips for Treadmill Workout – Spa Critic

I like working out on a treadmill. It is soft on my joints and easy for me to keep track of my heart rate and keep me in the zone. When I try to loose weight, I find different kinds of treadmill exercises help me keep them going. I share 2 tricks I use to vary my routine. I hope others share.

1. I record an entire one hour TV show with commercials and move that to my IPad or I’ll watch a regular TV on the treadmill. I do a nice walk during the show but when commercials are on, I rev it up to a run at about 80 percent of my max for all the commercials. I find this gives me a great workout.

2. I take some weights with me on the treadmill and I’ll do 25 bicep curls, 25 triceps extensions, 25 shoulder presses, 25 arm raises. I do this at every 10 minute area. So, I do it the first time at 10, then 20, 30, 40, and 50. Treadmill Workout


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Spa Critic – Go Beyond the Limits of the Possible

Today, you have no idea what you can accomplish. You may think that getting into great shape is impossible. You may think you are too entrenched in your bad habits to ever break them. But you will never know what is possible until you dare to try the impossible. This is why you need to push yourself beyond the boundaries of what you think you can do and into the realm of what you think you can’t do. You may end up surprised at just how much you can accomplish once you dare to attempt what you or other people have told you in the past is impossible.

Spa Critic - No Limits

Spa Critic – Daily Motivational – Sir Thomas Brown

You have a powerful form of energy in your body. You can use that energy to burn as hot as the sun. It can power you. It can make your body into an incredible machine if you let it. You need to harness that sun inside you and use it to give you all the energy you need to do what you need to do to move forward and make things happen. You have the fire of the sun inside you. Let it help you burn!

Spa Critic Life is a Pure Flame